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BIM Consultancy

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a process based solution to collaborative approach towards project coordination that is increasingly becoming indispensable for the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) industry.  Fundamentally, it is a software driven process which provides the project delivery team with a Virtual 3D visualization of the look and feel of the building that is to be constructed along with additional information from conceptual stage to O&M of the infrastructure.

Traditional building design was largely reliant upon two-dimensional technical drawings (plans, elevations, sections, etc.). BIM extends this beyond 3D, augmenting the three primary spatial dimensions (width, height and depth) along with its’ metadata as a BIM Model with time as the fourth dimension (4D), cost as the fifth (5D), Energy Simulation as the sixth (6D) and Facility Management as seventh (7D) and so on…

Our BIM consultancy services covers multiple aspects of project, including:

Architectural Design I Structure Design I MEP Services I Energy Optimization I Value Engineering I BOQ Preparation I Project Management I Vendor Coordination I Project Scheduling I BIM Implementation

The Coordination and collaboration between multiple teams (design, engineering & implementation) is very important for the success of a large complex project. BIM provides platform for the real-time coordination and therefore avoid any conflict or mismatch in design and implementation. From the perspective of containing risk, BIM has the capacity to minimize errors as a result of incorrect or miscommunicated information through the early identification of any potential clashes. This has huge implication in avoiding delay, ensuring quality adherence and bringing down the overall project cost. We implement BIM, using multiple suits of BIM tools such as

ArchiCAD I Solibri I STR Vision CPM I Revit I Navisworks I BIM360.

REPL is one of the first few consultants to implement BIM collaborative approach in Smart City projects. We are implementing on various projects of real estate and infrastructure. Currently, we are also providing BIM consultancy of Chennai Metro Rail Limited (Phase –II) project.

We also work on training personnel on BIM and enabling technology transfer. REPL has alliances with the multinational firms who are pioneer in this field, which gives us an edge in serving our clients better.

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