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Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) factor has become cornerstone of modern approach to projects and even organizations. It is rapidly moving from desirability to necessity category. If not understood properly, it might appear to be a hindrance. While in reality it presents itself as opportunity. The value creation and growth cannot be sustained for economy, industry or organization without duly factoring in the social and environmental goals. India has announced ‘net zero CHG-emission’ (Green House Gases) target by 2070. To accomplish this ambitious feel, the policy environment will naturally tilt gradually towards the companies who are following ESG guidelines.

Our advisory services team guides companies in forming a concrete plan to incorporate ESG guidelines in their business plans and operations. This is important that the ESG also impacts company’s valuations, fund raising and investors’ interest. Moreover, its significance is set to grow exponentially in coming decades. Every company needs to find its correct nomenclature to set the agenda for its ESG compliance and seamless plan to roll out implementations. Requirements are rising for the ‘sustainability reporting’ from the companies which tells how its business practices are impacting economy, society and environment, as per the globally accepted standards. REPL helps organizations in defining ESG goals, setting guidelines to measure their ESG performance and subsequently manage change effectively.