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Smart city offers an advanced lifestyle solution to the people. It should give a healthier and comfortable living condition which is safe and sustainable. Among many other things, ‘safety & security’ lies at the core of smart city concept. It can be related to Law & Order, traffic, natural disaster, emergency response or IT security.

REPL has been involved in Smart City Mission of GOI, from the very beginning. Plan for Smart City of Bhopal, prepared by REPL consortium was selected among top 20. Currently also we are working on Varanasi, Indore and Kanpur smart cities. At every stage, the security features are given prominent importance and relevant features are incorporated in to the planning process. Based on our experience and involvement in Smart City planning and implementation, we can elaborate on few indicative aspects.

Centralized Command Center

Smart City offers numerous facilities to ensure its citizens’ safety so that your family can feel safe, day and night. Emergency response teams comprising ambulances, fire engines, the police and the protection force, with a maximum response time of 10 minutes. Video surveillance is installed in public places to deter criminal activity. 24×7 monitoring is ensured by the central command centre for prompt reaction to emergencies.

Street-level panic alarm systems will be located at short intervals to help residents immediately alert the command centre in case of an emergency or crime.  Electronic access control systems in buildings to deter intruders. Automatic fire alarms in buildings that will alert the command centre and prompt residents to evacuate in case of fire. The development would have a combination of Active & Passive Security Features. Passive Crime Prevention techniques include AGU’s (Activity Generating Uses) at Ground Floor Level to keep it active for the majority of time and under regular public surveillance. Smart city planning specifically takes the safety concern of children, women and elderly.

Intelligent Traffic Management

Lot of security issues in Indian urban centers are related to traffic. Smart cities offer intelligent traffic management like Dynamic Traffic Light Sequence. Such system would help reduce congestion on peripheral roads as well as improve the efficiency of roads. On the lines of London’s Smart Traffic System, people will get the information regarding heavy traffic in advance. At present, Bangalore has this system to a certain extent. Smart traffic poles will be utilized that will ensure quick accident relief. In case of accident or fault in a vehicle, people will get help in just one call. They will get help through CCTV too. ITS (Intelligent Traffic System) has been proposed in Indore for controlling signals and heavy traffic routes from central command system.

Reduced Disaster Vulnerability

The key public buildings, including hospitals, schools, government buildings etc., will have earthquake resistant structures. Even the existing buildings will be retrofitted for the purpose.  Other features such as provision of drainage to come out with flooding, efficient firefighting system with alarms, sensors & alarm system for any type of emergency, makes the city disaster resistant. It also includes provision of converting few government buildings with fully equipped firefighting facilities for surrounding areas.

IT Enabled Security

ICT plays a major role in this project, as the whole concept revolves around making the city safe, effective, and efficient. There will be fibre-optic connectivity to each household & office to provide super high-speed connectivity. IT connectivity can process massive amount of data generated by smart cities by combining high bandwidth connectivity and network solutions. They help government to provide quality public services. One reason for less efficient security system is lack of availability of data, its synchronization and speedy sharing with all concerned authorities. The comprehensive ICT network of smart cities will address these issues as well.

However we must remember that making any city smart is a continuous process. It needs massive involvement of the community, especially in sustaining the smart city environment. Ultimately, any city is as smart as its citizen.




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