To be the most endorsed integrated urban development & infrastructure consultants.


To facilitate best living conditions by designing buildings and infrastructure that are proudly inherited by coming generations.
Audit Committee
1.     Mr. Tarun Jain Chairman
2.     Mr. Himanshu Garg Member
3.     Ms. Richa Misra Member
Nomination & Remuneration Committee
1.   Mr. Himanshu Garg Chairman
2.   Mr. Vinod Tiku Member
3.   Mr. Tarun Jain Member
Stakeholders Relationship Committee
1.    Mr. Himanshu Garg Chairman
2.    Mr. Vinod Tiku Member
3.    Ms. Richa Misra Member
IPO Committee
1.    Mr. Tarun Jain Chairman
2.    Mr. Himanshu Garg Member
3.    Mr. Pradeep Misra Member
CSR Committee
1.    Mr. Pradeep Misra Chairman
2.    Ms. Richa Misra Member
3.    Mr. Vinod Tiku Member