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Buying first home is often very exciting and a little anxious. While buying a home buyers have vision about the home (how it look alike) but what mostly concern them is the security system? Home security has always been the top priority for the investors.

The security measures buyers must commonly enquire about are alarms, beams, security gates, electric fencing, secure parking, 24×7 security system, Management of gate, visitor, staff, along with emergency management, vehicle In/Out integration, CCTV and intercom etc.

Burglars or wrong doers are often opportunistic and they approach the homes which are easy to target. Look for the things that keep you off the list of easy target.

  • Gauge home safety by observing residents interaction
  • Check the points of entry
  • Ensure you can get into your home safely
  • Research local crime rate
  • How will you identify visitors as part of home security
  • Find a realtor you trust
  • Identify how close houses are to one another
  • Availability of police
  • Proper street lighting
  • Identify existing home security technology.

A home that does not have a home security system is three times as likely to broken into. Finding the perfect home is not an easy job for most first-time buyers. The last thing you want to do is find your dream house and seems it is tough to make it safe. Consider all above points and have a sound sleep.